SIVA, a highly sought-after professional speaker, author and creator, is a respected authority on HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, WITH A FOCUS ON THE DISC BEHAVIOUR MODEL. Siva inspires individuals and organisations to harness the power of behaviour mastery to ACCELERATE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE through interactive workshops, dynamic keynotes, and customised training sessions. He speaks passionately on the secrets of DECODING HUMAN BEHAVIOUR TO UNLEASH HUMAN POTENTIAL.



First comprehensive DISC book in the Malay language. The book delves deep into the intricacies of human behaviour with a focus on the DISC through compelling storytelling and actionable insights.
SERASI provides a roadmap for personal and professional growth, helping readers unlock their full potential adopting behaviour mastery.


PEOPLE LEADERSHIP THROUGH BEHAVIOUR INTELLIGENCE is a comprehensive book on mastering people leadership skills adopting the principles of DISC behaviour intelligence. The book is only offered to participants of Siva’s 2-day programme of the same title. The book is available in both hard copies and digital format.


RECLAIM YOUR RIGHT TO SUCCESS is a self help book based on the four success principles of a Prime Minister, a Billionaire and an Admiral whom Siva had a personal interaction with. The underlying premise of the book is that “Success is Our Birthright“. The book provides thought provoking reflections and exercises as a roadmap for personal and professional success.



SHASSESS is a cloud based BEHAVIOUR INTELLIGENCE solution that revolutionises how individuals and organisations understand and leverage behaviour mastery for performance acceleration. Backed by extensive research and practical applications, this innovative system has empowered countless individuals to enhance their self-awareness, communication skills, and overall performance.


METH is a simplified behaviour model that demystifies the complexities of DISC. METH offers a user-friendly framework for individuals at all levels to grasp and apply the principles of behaviour mastery.



Lieutenant RMN, Royal Malaysian Navy (1993 – 2000) – initiated the longterm manpower planning and leadership succession

Senior HR Consultant, Deloitte (2000 – 2002) – involved in various strategic projects including the integrated water resource management for the Malaysian government.

Assistant Vice President, MCSB Systems (M) Berhad (2002 – 2005) – turned around a loss making company through various strategic initiatives.

Head of HR, Hong Leong Group (2005 – 2010) – led the transformation of this 45,000 employee conglomerate with global presence

Founder and CEO, SHARMEE Human Solutions Sdn Bhd (since 2010) – impacted thousands of participants through his applied learning techniques, coaching and advisory.


Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, United Kingdom

Master of Business Administration in Management with Dean’s List

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics

Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner

Certificate in Coaching



Whether addressing corporate teams, educational institutions, or industry conferences, Siva leaves a lasting impact, equipping audiences with actionable strategies and a renewed sense of purpose.


“I could easily recommend Siva for his incredible ability to communicate and lead people to see the true potential they hold within themselves. But I felt to share something deeper for anyone reading this. To give an insight that speaks of the true depth of this incredible man’s character. If you were to open a dictionary to the word “Authentic” it should have a picture of Siva. He will always do what’s right with the outcome to serve. Ask anyone how they felt after a conversation or attending a workshop with this incredible man, then I am sure, like me, they will say without doubt that they walked away feeling they could achieve and accomplish anything. He believes so much in human potential yet most importantly he wants and desires that for every human being. If you are given the opportunity to spend time with Siva, I guarantee you will see something within yourself that you had not appreciated before, which he will help you and your team see in his very special way.”

ANDREW DAVEY Leadership Coach and Facilitator

“Thank you so much for such an engaging and energetic learning on human behaviours.”

PUVANESVARI SUBRAMANIAM Founder and CEO of QF4 Tech Asia Sdn Bhd & Founder of Godigitalclub

“Thank you for a great session. It deepens my understanding about DISC profile. You have made it so simple to understand the powerful tools.”

JOHAN IRWAN KAMAROZAMAN Past President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

“I have attended Mr. Siva’s session and have learned and benefited in many ways from the session. Not only am I able to know myself better, I can now use the knowledge to evaluate my company’s hiring candidate to gauge their characters. And the takeaway during the class is that Mr. Siva has helped me to understand my company’s lack of sales is probably due to the mismatch of attributes and expectations and on our staffs. Now I have a new tool and knowledge to make changes within my company with a hope to future success and growth. Highly recommended.”

REZA TAN Co-Founder, Ascertain Technologies Sdn Bhd

“Amazing learning experience and self-discovery. Best wishes in helping more people to understand self and others for more meaningful and productive Relationship and Results.”

DR PREBAGARAN JAYARAMAN Founder and CEO of SMC Professional Centre for Learning & Development